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Inspiration: Coconut Cream Summer Fruit Popsicles

This last week has been hot. Mid 80’s to low 90’s may not sound hot to some of you, but for me, it’s migraine-inducing. I have survived -40° in Alaska, and I would rather have that. To be honest, though, the big problem here was that it was humid. Add to that a broken air conditioner and a power outage due to an underground wire being disrupted on the day I was going to photograph this post’s main content and you have a pretty unhappy blogger.

I was planning out this recipe for a long time, since I was anticipating a hot summer. I’m not much for frozen sweets, but spring and summer fruits are my culinary weakness. I’m lucky to live on the western side of the US (despite this odd weather and all these fires), because the coastal states have some of the best fruits — Cherries from Washington, watermelons from Oregon, and everything else from California. ….None of them can touch Idaho’s potatoes or apricots, but that’s another story. (side note: Idaho is part of the Pacific Northwest due to its seaport, Lewiston. No one can tell me otherwise.) Add to this tropical-region fruits, and everything gets better.


Pineapple is ok canned, but I like it fresh.

I’ve looked around at various popsicle recipes online and found that most of them follow the same general pattern: mix pureed fruit with a liquid and sweetener, then freeze. The majority of these looked far too sweet for me, so I played around and made my own style of popsicle:

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