NaNoWriMo ate my brain

So NaNoWriMo, the annual challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in November,  was well over two months ago. It was so amazing* that it took me about a month to get back to normal life. Endless nights of boredom and worry! Characters who have no meaning! Normal life being intrusive at every turn! It was wonderful*.

This was my 9th NaNo novel — well, to be honest, my 7th true NaNo novel (I did two novels for Camp NaNo, so does that count?) —  and perhaps it will be my last. I really haven’t been too crafty/inspired as of late, so I really didn’t do very well this year.


NaNoWriMo is bad about properly labeling their graphs. X axis is time (day), y axis is # of words, and the constant line is 1667 words/day.

Yep. Look at that graph. That really is 24.5k words in the last day. I think that the last time I had procrastinated so much was in 2011, when I did 13k on the 30th, and that was less procrastination and more not being able to get to a computer.

So what did I write about this year? I don’t know, weirdos in Seattle, something like that. There was an apartment complex. It was mainly character-driven, so there was a lot of talking. It really looks like chunks of ideas and that’s about it. I wrote 50,023 words, but I don’t feel like sharing any… I’m probably going to let the characters stew in my mind a bit more before I give up on the draft, but I’m not going to think about it anymore. I’m going to make tasty fair trade cookies instead.

*I’m really not good at sarcasm.

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