Inspiration: Last minute upcycled gift tags


I’m a lazy gift wrapper, so if I can really avoid it, I’ll ditch the gift tag. As long as I remember who it’s supposed to go to, that’s fine, right?

Not this year. Instead of my normal habit of forgetting to shop until the week before Christmas, I decided to get most of the important purchases done during the first week of December. My family opens gifts on or around Epiphany, so trying to remember which gift is for whom after a whole month sounded a bit too much for my aging brain. Instead, I figured I’d use leftovers from around the house to make gift tags instead of buying them and save myself the embarrassment of giving lipstick to my father.

ImageI saved some very old one-sided cardstock from the recycle bin at my old workplace in hopes of using it as scrap or art paper, but it has just been lying around for a few years. To be honest, if you have bibliophiles to give to and you come across paper from index card catalogs, you could easily just write on the back — the old typewriter text and handwriting can be just as nice as anything else you could put on there (and old-school library nerds will actually understand what they are).

However, I wanted to dress up my gift tags a bit. While you really just need scissors and a hole-puncher for making gift tags, I used stamps and shaped scissors to make mine a bit more festive.


Why, yes, that is a llama stamp. Everything but the hole puncher came from the thrift store.

For the card catalog paper, I cut around the hole so that I had a square of paper with a hole at the top.


For the postcard, I cut all four edges and then cut the card in half. Depending on the size of your gift, it might be better to leave it as a whole piece — however, cutting in half means two tags~


If you’re using a pair of scissors with shaped edges, be sure to note whether the design is one-sided.


And punch holes. If you don’t have a hole-puncher, you could also tape/glue the card to the gift. I’ve also used sticker sheets to make sticker gift tags in similar ways.



And now for decoration~ Stickers would also work, and so would glitter if you have time to wait for glue to dry. *Note: Most recycling locations do not take paper that has glitter on it. If you plan on recycling your tags afterward, you may want to skip the glitter.


You could also find an artistic person to draw a nice picture.


Considering how easy it is to make these tags, I make them in batches. …Honestly, I have tons of these card catalog papers and postcards.


Why, yes, I do have a stamp of a tractor with a giant potato. …It was thrifted. I was raised in Idaho, don’t judge me.

All that’s left is to write out the note and attach to the gift~


Happy Christmas, everyone!


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