Organization: Shoelace pin hanger


Over the course of my life, I’ve collected a whole lot of pins. I just have always loved them, even though I never wear them.

My sister showed me this trick to easily organize my smaller pins as well as use some of the cute shoelaces she’s given me that I’ve never used.

What you need:

A massive number of adorable pins

flat/wide shoelaces, preferably adorable ones


I also have Hello Kitty laces. …I’m a nerd, I admit it.

Fold one shoelace in half. It’s not necessary, but your line will be more stable.


Start pinning your pins through both layers of shoelace. I like to pin the heaviest one on the bottom so that it stabilizes the line.


When you place your next pin, try to make it so that it doesn’t overlap with your first pin — that helps the line stay straight when hung.


Keep adding pins until you are about one inch from the top fold.

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAI usually leave that one inch at the top so that I can add a thread or thumbtack to hang the pins up. I have a corkboard to hold my larger pins, but it gets difficult to try to work the smaller ones around them. This way, I can easily see my pins… and hopefully that will help me find ways to wear them…


In case you’re interested in any of the pins I have shown, here’s a list of where I got them:

Music = life, biohazard, Ninja pin: Hot Topic (Music = Life pin was from the Hot Topic Foundation. I wasn’t able to find HTF on the HT website, so I’m not sure if they’re still doing the program).
I know my Onions and swan pin:  PotatoPotato on Etsy
Mermaid pin: Loungefly
Pick a Chick pin: Heifer International
Photosynthesis pin: Beanforest on Etsy
All others: thrift stores in the area.

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