A Gift for the Old Man

Sunday was Father’s day — which in my family is usually Give-Dad-Socks-and-Underwear Day. Gifts for my father are roughly divided into two categories: necessities and expensive junk. Lately, the expensive junk that the Man wants is way too expensive and the socks and underwear have been piling up. There really wasn’t anything else in the stores that that I knew the Old Man would want, so I decided to make something that I knew he would both like and use.


The Old Man has been using a walker for a while now and has been pretty frustrated about not being able to carry things with him around the house. This Father’s Day, I wanted to make him something so that he could be a bit more comfortable using his walker. There are a few walker tote designs floating around, and the best ones I have found are all free (woo!). I settled on the Walker Tote Bag design from JimmieWriter because of the super-easy instructions as well as the ease of use that the bag would have. Since my old man isn’t that good at tying bows or buttoning buttons, I wanted something that he could easily put on or take off his walker by himself. A lot of guys might not like something like this as a gift, but I was about 97.8% sure my father would see its utility (and like the camo).


I made the tote exactly like Jimmiewriter explained in the video walkthrough, but I think that I would add a few more lines of stitches to reinforce the pockets if I ever did it again. Making this was incredibly easy, though — probably the hardest part was putting the velcro on. 





The other nice thing about this tutorial was how easy it was to use the finished product for furushiki gift wrap:Image

This wrapped two paperback novels very thoroughly. ….To be honest, the Man didn’t really know what the tote was at first. Once we showed him, though, he was pretty happy with it. While it’s probably not the most professional of accessories to take out in public, it works really well for him to carry his phone and books around the house.

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