I <3 Loving Day

Here’s one not-so-good thing about Eastern Washington: It doesn’t have an organized Loving Day event. Loving Day celebrates the Loving vs. Virginia case of 1967 — that is, the landmark case that outlawed anti-miscegenation.

Loving Day is June 12th, but is still a grassroots movement that has not been recognized nationally (unlike Red Rose Day, which is also today and may have been imported to the US from Australia).

The closest event for Loving Day just happened in Seattle… Instead of that, I made something to share with my Loving-style family:


I have been wanting to make a bunting ever since I was about 4 years old — it was so easy to make that I’m not sure why I waited so long to do it. I more or less looked at a lot of tutorials and used what I had on hand, but the closest tutorial to my method is from Glorious Treats.


The fabric I used had a lot of give, so the measurements weren’t exactly perfect. I remeasured and corrected as I sewed and turned, and it more or less worked out.



To be honest, the cutting was the hardest part. Everything got easier after the flags, since I used double-fold bias tape and iron-on transfers.


The nice thing about this bunting is that the other side is plain, so it can easily be used any other day of the year. I’ve put it up right in the entrance of my house (not pictured because it needs to be painted), and it gives a summery, shabby-marine look perfect for June.




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